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Corona in a class society

април 10, 2020


The outbreak of an unpredictable virus quickly leads us to the great shared realization that „we live in a society“. As is usually the case in crises, this has brought to the surface all our bad qualities (distrust, accumulation of goods at the expense of others, stigmatization of the sick, racism towards foreigners…) as well as all the good ones (solidarity, responsibility to others, mutual communication…).

The Women’s Market – an introduction

юни 3, 2014


The Women’s Market is a lively food and wares street market and one of the landmarks of Sofia of a century-long existence. It became an iconic place for the 1990s post-socialist city. At that time it was attracting a daily pedestrian flow equivalent to 1/5th of the metropolitan population, as well as generating its very own share of urban folklore. Today these developments have subsided but the Women’s Market is the last area in the central city that still caters to the needs of the poorest groups of Bulgarian society. They bring here some 70 thousand visitors per day. However, since 2006 the Women’s Market has been gradually reframed as a problem for the city.