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How the Holy River Ganges is helping in the fight with global warming

юли 28, 2010


While politicians argue if climate change is man-made or not, scientists have been trying to tie up the planet’s carbon budget. Ganges is maybe one of the most astounding rivers of the East. Spanning 2500km through the North-East of the Indian subcontinent, supporting 400 million people living near its banks, it is the centrepiece of Indian civilization and a sacred goddess in Hindu religion. Scientists have suspected for decades that the goddess is attending to the fates of not only its Hindu worshippers but to the well-being of all of mankind.

The maths behind living forms and shapes

март 5, 2010


How to make the spots on a leopard and the stripes on a zebra? How does the egg of the frog decide which end will become the head and which - the bum? Who divides the worm in regular segments and positions the teeth of the crocodile around its jaw?